👨‍💻 About me

The astute reader will have noticed that I am a Contract Front End & JavaScript Developer. However, I suppose there is more to me than a job title, especially one which doesn’t really describe what I actually do.

So WTF do I actually do?

I’m not a huge fan of the terms, but most of my time is split between Front End Architecture, Front End Ops, and on a good day some actual Front End Development. Without going into a ridiculous amount of detail, I spend my time…

🕰 How my typical day pans out
06:00 Wake up, take medication, smoke a few cigarettes
06:15 Jump in the shower and ponder any current issues
06:30 Get dressed in whatever I can find - never a proper shirt
06:45 Leave for work and sit in traffic, listening to BBC Radio 4
07:30 Get to the office and start work *
13:00 Spend my lunch break on personal projects and learning new stuff
14:00 Get back to my desk and hopefully solve whatever I was working on
16:00 Leave the office and sit in traffic, listening to BBC Radio 4
17:00 Get home and hopefully get in a cheeky hour of #100DaysOfCode
18:00 Dinner time!
18:30 A little TV if something good is on
22:00 Read a chapter of whatever book I’m currently reading
23:00 Go to sleep

Do I do anything other than work?

Surprisingly, I do actually have a few interests outside of work.

❤️ Things I love 🚫 Things I hate
😂 Emojis 🤓 Hipsters
🎓 Learning 😏 False modesty
🌈 Open Source 👳 ‘Guru’ developers
🦏 JavaScript 🙏 Religious nonsense
💤 Afternoon naps 📆 Task estimation
💻 My job 👔 Dressing smart
🐂 Red Bull 🐈 Cats
💊 Valium ❄️ The cold
✍️ Tattoos 🎉 False celebrations

🖥 About the site

I’m constantly learning and trying out new things. This is kind of a place for me to take notes on what I’m doing, share new things I’ve found out, basically just somewhere for me to have a little brain dump every now and then.

Sometimes you might see four posts in a row. Sometimes you might not see anything for a month.

If this site is still up, it means I’m alive somewhere because the domain registrar is still collecting the payment from my bank.

📚 About my book collection

I get a bit geeky about books. I love learning from books and have a massive library of technical and programming books.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourites, most of which will have been used at some point as reference material for the posts you find here.

Whilst many of the resources here are available for free online, I would encourage you to support the authors by purchasing either the eBook or paperback versions, if you can afford it.






💻 About getting into web development

I got into web development whilst working as an SEO in the adult industry.

As I became more technically aware of SEO and how it’s not just about having the right h1s and meta tags, I became more technically involved in the development of websites.

Around that time I decided to go back into education as an adult learner in my mid-twenties. Still doing a little bit of freelance work on the side to pay the bills.

I studied Access to HE IT Software Development at Birmingham Metropolitan College and achieved distinctions in all six fields.

With the University of Southampton consistently being #1 in pretty much all guides, I then went on to study General Engineering there. After 2 years in Southampton, I decided to move back to Birmingham to finish off my studies.

During the summer break period, I was approached by Cruise.co.uk to work as a Front End Developer for them. I hastily accepted the offer and never looked back.

Three years later and I’m a contractor in the industry, mostly recognised for my vanilla JavaScript (ES6+) and AngularJS development skills. Yes, most businesses still use AngularJS. Businesses want to minimise risk, and AngularJS is a safe bet.

I also have experience with Node.js, Angular 24, ReactJS, and most of the other frameworks, libraries and tools in the JavaScript ecosystem.

But, what I love most, is plain ol’ vanilla JavaScript coding and keeping up to date with the latest ECMAScript specs.